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La consejería grupal puede ser una forma poderosa de trabajar en problemas a cualquier edad. Pero es especialmente así durante la adolescencia y la adultez temprana, cuando las relaciones sociales adquieren mayor importancia. Sin embargo, las habilidades para relacionarse de manera efectiva aún se están desarrollando, presentando desafíos para formar y mantener amistades. La consejería grupal ofrece la oportunidad de trabajar en habilidades de relación con otros miembros del grupo, al mismo tiempo que proporciona un sistema de apoyo para afrontar los desafíos de la vida.

EMERGE ofrece actualmente tres grupos de procesos para adolescentes de 12 a 18 años. Para obtener más información sobre los grupos, haga clic a continuación:

 *A screening interview is required before joining any group*

Email to register or for more information.

Teen Relational Groups

for 7th-9th & 10th-12th grades

Open-ended, relational therapy groups to help members connect with each other and communicate more honestly.   As trust grows, members develop a space where they can be themselves and relate more authentically.  This leads to a stronger sense of identity, greater social confidence and an increased feeling of belonging in the world, which can have positive effects on many areas of life.  Groups have 5-7 members and are separated into 7th-9th and 10th-12th grades.  Groups meet for one hour per week and cost $50.  Reduced fees are available.  

Days/Times:    7th-9th on Thursdays, 4pm  •  10th-12th on Tues, 4:15pm

Place:               1621 Oak Avenue, Davis


Young Adults Group

A weekly support group for young adults ages 18-23 is now forming.  The group offers a supportive environment for young adults to talk about their feelings, share their experiences and develop stronger relationships with others.  Groups are limited to 8 members and cost $60 per session.  Reduced fees are available.  For more information, contact Lawrence Shweky, LCSW at


Groups for Parents 

EMERGE is forming two groups for parents.  The Parents of Adolescents group will meet every other Thursday evenings from 7-8:15pm in Davis.  The Parents of Young Adults group will meet once a month on Zoom on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.  The groups offer members a welcoming and inclusive space to discuss the challenges and rewards of parenting older children.  Groups are limited to 8 members and cost $60 per session.  Reduced fees are available.  For more information, contact Lawrence Shweky, LCSW at


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