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Anxiety in the Age of Barbie - Young women in crisis are asking, 'What was I made for?'

Being 13 - Three girls, one year. This is what it’s like to be 13 today, in a world that can’t stop talking about the dire state of your future.

Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I Felt Like I Was Suffocating’

For months, he helped his son keep suicidal thoughts at bay. Then came the pandemic.

Websites and Information

  • It Gets Better

    • A massive number of videos from bi, gay, lesbian, trans, and queer youth sharing their stories to let others know that they are not alone. ​

  • Parenting Rainbow Kids​

    • A website full of information for parents on ​frequently asked questions such as 'what is the likelihood my child is being bullied?' and 'preparing your teen for college.' 

  • Seize the Awkward

    • Resources on how to start a conversation to a friend or loved one about mental health.

  • Mental Health Literacy 

    • There is a lot of information out there about mental health. This website is all about getting fact checked mental health resources and information.​

Community Organizations

There are many great youth serving organizations we collaborate with and learn from that we want to share with you. Below is a partial list. We are not directly affiliated with these organizations, but we have had good experiences with them.


  • Auburn Davis DBT Center, Davis

    • The Auburn Davis Center for DBT is primarily focused on providing therapy to young adults and teens between the ages of 12 and 35. ​

  • Anxiety Treatment Center, Sacramento

    • The Anxiety Treatment Center focuses on OCD and Anxiety Disorders. They offer various programs including Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Group Therapy, and Equine Assisted Therapy.

  • EDAPT Clinic, UC Davis​, Davis and Sacramento

    • The EDAPT Clinic offers Early Psychosis Programs and Services for ages 12-40.

  • SafeSpace 

    • SafeSpace is a youth-led, mental health- focused organization that empowers young people to engage openly with their local schools and communities. They seek to create and implement initiatives to change the conversation around mental health by educating and encouraging our peers to speak up, support others, and ask for help when needed.

    • They also have a podcast talking to teens and mental health experts.

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness​ (NAMI)

    • NAMI Yolo County provides advocacy, support, education, and public awareness so that allindividuals and families who are affected by mental illness can build better lives.

Independent Practices

  • Debbie Glander, LMFT​, Davis

    • Debbie Glander specializes in Eating Disorders, ​Spiritual Abuse, Anxiety and Shame with individual and group therapy sessions.

  • Catherine LeBlanc, LMFT​, Davis

    • Catherine LeBlanc specializes in Trauma and practices trauma-informed somatic psychotherapy individual therapy both in person and online.

  • Dr. Mitchel Adler, Psy.D CGP ​, Davis

    • ​Dr. Adler offers individual and group sessions as well as consultations ​for organizations.

  • Dr. Martha Gilmore, PhD, Davis​

    • Dr. Gilmore has had intensive training in group psychotherapy​ and offers several groups for adults as well as individual and couples psychotherapy.

Developmental Disorders

  • Bridges of the Mind, Sacramento

    • Bridges of the Mind provides neurodevelopmental assessments for infants through adulthood as well as group therapy and tutoring for all ages.

  • Dr. Cassie Majestic, Sacramento

    • Dr. Majestic specialises in in the psychological assessment of neurodevelopmental diagnoses, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability, across all ages. 

LGBT Resources

  • Sacramento LGBT Community Center, Sacramento

    • The LGBT Community Center is a place where LGBTQ+ people are safe, welcomed and needed. They offer community support groups and individualized counselling.

  • Gender Health Center, Sacramento

    • The Gender Health Center is a trans and POC-led organization that offers counseling services on a sliding scale for individuals and families​.

  • Gender Spectrum, Bay Area

    • Gender Spectrum is an organization focused on the health and well-being of gender diverse children and teens. They have a range of programs for young people, parents, and family members - including some free online group sessions.

  • Elevate Youth

    • Elevate Youth is a free program from CommuniCare celebrating & elevating queer young adults ages 12-26 in Yolo County, CA​


  • Davis Parent University, Davis, CA

    • The Davis Parent University offers lectures and programming to the community's parents, teachers, and caregivers.​

Suicide Prevention

  • The Trevor Project, Los Angeles

    • The Trevor Project's mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ+ young people. They offer 24/7 crisis counseling as well as LGBTQ+ resources and an international online community for LGBTQ+ young people (13-24).



The Defiant Child - Douglas A. Riley

Parenting with Love and Logic - Foster Cline and Jim Fay

The Carpenter and the Gardener - Alison Gopnik

Social and Emotional Learning

Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

I Don't Want to Talk About It - Terrance Real


Talking Back to OCD - John March


When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry - Molly Bang

Guts - Raina Telgemeier


To be updated soon


Hold Me Tight, Sue Johnston

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman

Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel

Professional Library

EMERGE has a collection of professional volumes available for loan to fellow therapists in the area. If you are interested in borrowing any volumes please contact

The current list of books can be found here.

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